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Glide is possibly the oldest known Chesapeake Bay sailing log canoe - now in the care of Mr. John T. Adams of Chestertown, Maryland.  Glide was built by Hammond Skinner (b. 1823) in Town Point, Dorchester County, Maryland, in ca. 1864 and has been in the Adams family (Cambridge, Maryland) for over 50 years.  Documentary evidence indicates that Glide was named Monkey by her builder, as a tribute to a little girl who played on her hull while under construction.  Glide was also known as Daredevil during part of her career.  Glide was used as working boat until forty years ago and, unlike so many log canoes, was never converted for motorized operation, which has preserved her original hull integrity; no propeller shaft hole was ever drilled.  Glide's bottom is fashioned from three pine logs held together by pegged biscuit cross-pieces.  The topsides are built up with planks which are internally braced.  Two thwarts serve as main and mizzen mast supports.  Hollowed blocks are fitted to the central log under each thwart to serve as mast steps.  The hull is completed by masterful joinery that structurally integrates the three central logs with the bow and stern pieces.  Glide's topside consists of a trimmed narrow "half-deck" finished with a band of narrow coaming.  The builders Harrison and Chapelle are known to have worked on Glide, in particular, Mr. Chapelle restored her after she was wrecked during a hurricane at which time he took her lines.  Glide has been evaluated for full restoration, at Ero Wooden Boats in Still Pond, Maryland (www.erowoodenboats.com). 

GLIDE will be exhibited at the Twelfth Annual SULTANA Downrigging Weekend's Wooden Boat Exhibition, on the waterfornt in Chestertown, MD - Saturday, 27 October 2012, from 10 AM until 4 PM.

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GLIDE is an original working log canoe, made by W. Hammond Skinner at his boatyard in Town Point, Dorchester County, Maryland, ca. 1864 - awaiting your help in restoration!



Painting of GLIDE under sail